Beautiful wood

Our beautiful trees create so much pleasure for our children, we never cut them, our wood we get is usually from fallen trees/drift wood after tropical storms, the one below is still alive and very beautiful we did get many branches from it.  We plant hundreds of trees all around our property every year to create beauty and shade.

to climb…

to balance…

to cut…

to play…

a fence for sheep…

a boat

a sculptor Sasha made

to float



About earthboys

Nature is our way of living. It is a gift to cherish and share with our loved ones. Nature is also our gift to our children. It has allowed them to unfold in a graceful childlike way. Growing up in Southern Africa amidst the wildlife, I, myself feel the significance of what nature offers, a call for environmental enlightenment and a unearthing of the relationships between plants, insects and wildlife. We have provided our children with a safe paradise where they can enjoy and be one with nature, playing with worms, watching an ant trail, flitting along after a butterfly, gathering, smelling and admiring a beautiful flower, building sand structures of mountains and lakes. They are always happy when they are outdoors. Their relationship with our animals is one full of love and caring. Our children have brought us great joy and happiness. This blog is dedicated to them, and an inspiration to others.
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7 Responses to Beautiful wood

  1. Kali says:

    Love the fence for the sheep! And the stepping stones made from wood are super cool. What a beautiful tree in the first photo! Looks like Avatar!

  2. marie says:

    Just great, cheers Marie

  3. Wood is beautiful, thanks reminding us of its many purposes and sharing your experience with your sons. Peace and blessings

  4. ravindra says:

    Nice gift on birthday.

  5. emily says:

    Beautiful wood projects! I love your photos, such natural beauty to enjoy.

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