Nature is our way of living. It is a gift to cherish and share with our loved ones. Nature is also our gift to our children. It has allowed them to unfold in a graceful childlike way. Growing up in Southern Africa amidst the wildlife, I, myself feel the significance of what nature offers, a call for environmental enlightenment and a unearthing of the relationships between plants, insects and wildlife. We have provided our children with a safe paradise where they can enjoy and be one with nature, playing with worms, watching an ant trail, flitting along after a butterfly, gathering, smelling and admiring a beautiful flower, building sand structures of mountains and lakes. They are always happy when they are outdoors. Their relationship with our animals is one full of love and caring.

Our children have brought us great joy and happiness. This blog is dedicated to them, and an inspiration to others.


2 Responses to About

  1. Earth Mama says:

    I am so happy you stopped by Earth Mama and led me back here! What a paradise you live in. I just browsed through your recent posts and am very interested in the life you lead. The picture of your boys on the ponies in the water is just amazing.


  2. gardenmama says:

    I truly appreciate what you wrote here, pure beauty.

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