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Helping Ocello in the Garden

Our property is quite large and it takes days for Ocello to mow the lawn.  My husband does all the larger areas with the tractor lawn cutter and Ocello mows the places that can’t be reached with the tractor.  Tractor rides are so much fun for the children.

Then our little workers follow along side the lawnmower waiting for the magical shavings so they can deliver it to the compost pile and of course dive into it every now and again.

Taking a break

Kitty ride

Loading the rocks

My children decorating a flower bed in our garden with beautiful big white river rocks. They made the flower bed look very pretty.

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A house in the local village

Yesterday we dropped off some grass and plants at a local village home where seven children live. The ground is hard and unpleasant for the children to play. We would like to help make the garden a little more comfortable and attractive for the children to enjoy.

The back of their garden

This is Elizabeth and her sister.  Elizabeth, along with her elder brothers and sisters often come to visit our farm because we have a beautiful play area for the children to have fun.   They enjoy swimming in our pool and this has helped with their confidence since most Dominican’s don’t know how to swim.

We brought them coconuts, palms, banana palms and other plants.  Luis in the red shirt is the eldest brother that lives in the local village house, he helps me with my horses.  Anes and Raphael are wonderful Haitian workers that live on our farm.

The children enjoyed working in the garden.

Lets hope it rains and if it does not then we will deliver water in a large tank.

Some fat pigs slipping and sliding in the thick clay mud just off the road.  There were about 20 of them, mostly piglets hiding in the bushes.  These were lucky pigs since most of the pigs are kept in tiny cages just big enough for them to turn around.  My children were amused.

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Precious Moments

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The Sun Egg

The beautiful little fairy finds a sun egg.  Will it hatch into a ‘sun chick?’ She calls happy frog to come and see

All Elsa Beskow’s books are my children’s favorite

This morning (at 7am) whilst I was getting dressed my children found their way to the water.  We go through many change of clothes in a day.

Swimming at the stream

Another beautiful day trailriding

The fern dresses the palm so elegantly

When they flower we have thousands of bees.  You can hear them buzzing throughout the farm since it’s a paradise of palms

Another street dog has found it’s way into the comfort of our home and he’s much loved

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Morning Glory Tepee

Yesterday we set up our tepee sticks that Ochello helped us cut from the jungle and Sasha prepared the holes to sow the seeds.

Sasha went to get the compost from the compost pile

Sania holding onto the Morning Glory seeds. A spectacular blue flower creeper. My children know not to put it in their mouths, since it can be toxic.  Moonflower or Beans would be better option but I didn’t have any of those seeds left and my children insisted on the Morning Glories, they know which plants to respect.  We also sowed some seeds of gourds,  cosmos flowers and sunflowers.

Our moonflower tepee we made a few years back

Sasha with some local Dominican children

My friend Christina recently made a beautiful one out of bamboo and wrapped silks around it.

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